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Ropemaking Videos from Around the World

This is a collection of videos on YouTube showing traditional ropemaking from cultures around the world. They are far better than any video I could make.

You notice rght away that though the details change from place to place, it's all made the same way. Twist it one direction, wrap it the other way.

Country Video Link
American West How the Cowboy Makes his Lariat 1917.
Australia String Making.
Bangladesh Hand twist jute rope making process, Bangladesh.
Colombia Apice: The Last Ropemakers
Ecuador Creating trenzas (braided rope) from paja in Urbina, Ecuador
England Wyedean - Making Royal Horse Artillery Horse Leads Using a Rope Walk
India Rope Indian Village People Making in Hand work
Ireland Hay Rope Making Demonstration at Dún na Sí Heritage Park
Japan Old Engines in Japan (Extra) 1925~1950s Straw Rope Making Machine
Lithuania Rope making in Lithuania (1939)
Mongolia Camel Hair Rope Foal Halter (2009)
Netherlands A lost Craft - Traditional rope making
Norway Making a four strand rope of tarred hemp
Spain Cuerdas y sogas artesanas elaboradas con fibras vegetales
Sweden The Rope Walk - Traditional Rope Making for a Swedish East India Ship.


Other Countries, Other Names

What do you call a ropemaker in other languages?


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