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Ropemaking Videos from Around the World

This collection of videos from the web shows traditional ropemaking from cultures around the world. They are far better than any video I could make.

You notice right away that though the materials and the tools change from place to place, it's all made the same way. There is no "right" way, just many different ways to twist fibers in one direction, then wrap them the other way.

Country Video Link
Åland Islands Rope making at spring fair, Åland Islands.
Using a reproduction 19th Century wooden rope twister.
American West
Horsehair 'mecate' rope maker.
American West
How the Cowboy Makes his Lariat 1917.
Making hair rope with a spinner.
Australia String Making.
Hand twisting two-ply rope.
Australia The Urban-Abo Bushcraft: Cordage (Thigh-Rolling Nettle Fibers).
Thigh rolling two-ply rope.
Bangladesh Hand twist jute rope making process, Bangladesh.
Colombia Apice: The Last Ropemakers
Interesting bow-powered spindle.
Denmark Rebslageren - håndværk der forsvinder
Traditional and modern (1940) ropemaking.
Denmark Making lime bast rope at the Viking Ship Museum

Ecuador Creating trenzas (braided rope) from paja in Urbina, Ecuador
Twisting single-ply straw rope with only a straight stick.
England Walter Lloyd Rope Making
Making rope with a three hook Jack, with a reel, and by hand.
England Wyedean - Making Royal Horse Artillery Horse Leads Using a Rope Walk
Three-ply ropemaking with simple power tools.
India Rope Indian Village People Making in Hand work
Ireland Hay Rope Making Demonstration at Dún na Sí Heritage Park
Single-ply straw ropemaking with a crank.
Italy Benvenuti nell'Antica Corderia della Famiglia Verona a Thiene, Vicenza
Three-ply ropemaking with a wheel driven jack.>
Japan Old Engines in Japan (Extra) 1925~1950s Straw Rope Making Machine
Antique two-ply ropemaking machine.
Japan Old Japan - Making Rope by Hand
Using palm twisting method.
Lithuania Rope making in Lithuania (1939)
Using a reel and cranks.
Mexico Maguey : plant of a thousand uses.
Maguey, also known as Sisal.
Mongolia Camel Hair Rope Foal Halter (2009)
Hand twisting two-ply hair rope.
Netherlands A lost Craft - Traditional rope making
Four-ply (shroud laid) rope on a small rope-walk.
Norway Lime Bast Rope
From tree to rope.
Norway Making a four strand rope of tarred hemp
19th Century ropewalk.
Peru Ancient Quechua tradition preserved in the Q'eswachaka Bridge (Andes, Peru)
Making the famous Inca rope bridge.
Philippines Abaka Rope Making.
Making Manilla (Abaca) rope with a reel.
Scotland Da Makkin O' a Keshie
Two strand, hand twisted straw rope.
Spain Cuerdas y sogas artesanas elaboradas con fibras vegetales
Breaking, skutching, hatchelling, spinning, and laying rope.
Sweden The Rope Walk - Traditional Rope Making for a Swedish East India Ship.
Another 19th Century ropewalk.
Switzerland Bäuerliche Seilerei (1966) | Hanfseil-Herstellung auf einem Bauernhof in der Schweiz.
Family farm ropemaking.


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