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What Do You Call a Ropemaker?

Is there a special name for ropemakers? Shoe makers are called cobblers, barrel makers are called coopers, ladies' hats are made by a milliner. What do you call someone who makes rope?

This is the start of many conversations at demos and market fairs. The answer is, a ropemaker is just a ropemaker. Although sometimes it's spelled "rope-maker" or "rope maker". Other languages have different words, obviously. But many of them are just a combination of "rope" and "maker" in that language.

Language Ropemaker
Basque Sokagilea
Danish Rebslager
Dutch Lijndraaier
Finnish Köydenpunoja
French Cordier
German Seiler
Hungarian Kötélkészítő
Italian Cordaio
Spanish Cordelero


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