In keeping with the spirit of late 18th Century ropemaking, this site is hand crafted with very basic tools. For the most part, the coding is HTML 1, as described in:

"HTML Sourcebook"
Ian S. Graham
John Wiley & Sons (1995)
ISBN: 0-471-11849-4

which is the book I used when I first started building web pages in 1996.

I use vi on linux (or Notepad on Windows if I have to), because that's all that's really needed.

The font is whatever your browser is set for. I don't bother setting fonts, because people with vision problems and adaptive software - or just strong typographic feelings - have the right and capability to chuck my favorite font(s) out the door. Besides, the now deprecated <font> tag didn't exist in HTML 1.

The original graphics were drawn on Clearprint No. 1000 H Design Vellum from either my own photographs, or illustrations in the public domain. The sketches were scanned into GIMP, desaturated, contrast stretched, and enhanced with the legacy Cartoon filter before scaling and compression to speed download times.

Please feel free to use any of these pictures. Attribution would be appreciated. An e-mail note would be nice.

No JavaScript, no cookies, no need.


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